GPM has two fully equipped paper machines to manufacture corrugating medium and liner paper with twin-wire machines of deckle 2.15m and 3.65m, that is backed by a team of over 200+ professionals for producing medium & liner paper that caters to customers’ needs in a timely manner.
Our Machine and equipment have one of the most advanced process control features. We have a fully equipped machine with Twin Wire, Pressurized Headbox, Jumbo Press, Size Press, and calendar. We also use surface sizing which improves the strength parameters and ensures consistent Cobb value.
Our Steam Control in the dryers is a real-time SCADA system connected to a scanner that controls the GSM and moisture of the paper on a continual basis.
We only clean the pulp fibers with screens and do not refine the pulp, helping us to avoid fiber degradation. This helps to produce paper with good fiber bonding leading to better overall strength properties.
With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, we have well-defined processes which ensures that we meet our quality parameters.


We have an uninterrupted dedicated power line at 33KV and 2.5MW. We have a 2.2MWCaptive Power Plant that helps us in improving the operating efficiency and providing continuous power.


We have a continuous water supply from overground sources. We are a zero-liquid discharge unit, recycling 100% of the effluent generated.

Storage Facilities

Our manufacturing unit is spread across more than 18 acres of land which has allowed us to build covered sheds for the storage of wastepaper, kraft paper rolls, fuel, chemicals, etc.